Table of contents

Is it possible to change the layout of the content table?

And a related question: is it possible to insert it on a designated place?

Hi Isha,

Which types of layout changes did you have in mind?

It is not currently possible to insert the TOC at a random place in your document, but we are planning to add this feature through a special function.

Hi Maarten,

I would like to change the colour of the title and insert the TOC after an introduction clause in my document. It would be great if this would become possible in the future!

Hi Isha,

This feature is now added to the software, and will show up on the servers by the end of this weekend. You can find the details at

For your particular situation, I would recommend to proceed as follows:

  • At the position where you want to insert the TOC, create a new clause.
  • In this clause, insert a first paragraph that contains the title for your TOC (e.g., “Table Of Contents”). Then insert @toc(3, false, true, false) — which essentially means “insert a TOC with three levels, with NO page break before, but with a page break after, and DON’T insert the default title”. (Obviously, feel free to choose another number of levels, or to avoid the page break after.)
  • Assign any special formatting you want to that paragraph (e.g., using the custom styling feature)
  • If desired, add a “page break before” setting to your clause, e.g. using the “Start clause on a new page” flag of the Advanced menu.
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Wow, that was fast, thanks a lot!