Table of contents

Dear Clausebase team,

Is it possible, in a binder to include a table of content that only includes the clausetitles of the main document, but not of the schedules (but only contains the title of the schedule)?

alternatively, is it possible to, in a binder, only include a TOC of the main document and a seperate “table of schedules”?

Thx - Hans

Hi Hans,

Unfortunately no, because the TOC functionality of Clause9 is based on the TOC functionality of MS Word.

In a TOC, MS Word essentially collects all paragraphs with a heading style (up to the number of levels specified, typically 1 to 4). Clause9 currently creates 9 different levels of headings, and assigns those headings to all paragraphs in the entire Binder.

We are still considering whether to add deviating styles to subdocuments, but this creates quite some complexity for both the software developers and the template authors, is not for the first months.

Hi Maarten,

Too bad. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly though!

Kind regards,