Taxonomy and folder structure - best practices


We are currently building and populating our quality library and have drafted a taxonomy from scratch (in Excel).

  1. Is it possible to ‘bulk’ upload a taxonomy, rather than creating the (sub)folders 1 by 1?
  2. We want a specific sequence in the folders, but it seems that the folders are organized alphabetically by default. Can this be adapted? (Numbering each folder, to bypass this, is probably not the best/sustainable approach :slight_smile: ?)

Thanks for the advice!

I’m afraid the answer is “no” to both questions.

  • Uploading through Excel seems easy in practice, until you think about the practicalities: how do you express a subfolder, or a sub-sub-sub-sub-folder, in Excel? How do you specify translations?

  • The non-alphabetical order is an interesting one to add, give us a few days to implement it.