§this reference styling @remove-this

I wanted to ask you guys if there is a way to remove the word Clause for §this reference. I have managed to use @remove-this to delete the world “this”.

What I want to accomplish is having just the clause number.


That’s not currently possible, but you’re the first one who asks for it. Could I ask what specifically you are trying to achieve? (I can imagine a few situations myself, but I’d be interested in knowing more about your use case.)

Of course! :slight_smile:
So, in every agreement we do there’s the representations section in which we sometimes refer to exhibits and schedules the correspond with the section of the rep.

For example if the rep is on section 5.2 the schedule would be schedule 5.2.

In this sence we use cross references in Word to accomplish that easily but in CB it is adding the word “section” which makes it impossible.

We just added a @drop-prefix special function. It will show up on all servers as of tomorrow.

Amazing! Thank you!

Just used it, works amazing thank you Maarten!