@today and @months-between

I am working on some vesting language and it is not unusual for these agreements to be completed a few months into the vesting schedule. I have a datafield for the Vesting Commencement Date, which is the day that the equity begins vesting. We cannot backdate the effective date on this document, so the effective date will always be today or later.

I have conditional language I want to show up if the Vesting Commencement Date is more than 30 days before the effective date. It seems that the best way to do this would be to use the @months-between special function. However, I get an error saying incompatible argument types if I try to use @today in the condition. Is there a way I can get this function to work or is there a different function that might serve my purposes better?

Nevermind, I figured out the issue.

Make sure to check the accuracy of your datafield name before starting a help thread.

FYI @months-between(@today,#concept^datafield) works.