Translate free text answers in Q&A?

Hi. Is it possible to let users translate their free-text answers in a Q&A to a second language? This would be useful in dual-language documents so the user answers once and gets a first draft translation in the second language generated for them that they can tweak.

This is not currently implemented, but it is quite easy to do, so definitely something for the roadmap.

Can you describe the use cases you have in mind? Based on the Q&As we have seen so far, this would be useful for a limited number of Q&As, and then only for those (typically one or two) free-text fields.

So I would be interested to know in what situation this triggered your attention.

The use case here is for a firm to offer a generic NDA to self-service clients on a web portal where the client fills in variable information as in this example:

On [date] the Company and the Purchaser concluded [identification of the agreement] under which the Company [description of the commercial relationship];

In connection with the [purpose of cooperation between the Parties] it is necessary for the Purchaser to familiarise itself with the Confidential Information of the Company;

where [identification of the agreement] and [purpose of cooperation between the Parties] could be anything. If the client needs a dual language document and they aren’t bilingual, they’d need help translating those variables from their native language to the other.

Many firms are looking to expand their service offerings with this kind of self-serve legal drafting but it’s also a good approach to making internal documents more flexible. As an internal use case, if a user is generating a dual language document on a matter, they’d most likely need help with translating free-text variables. This is especially true in regions like Central Europe where cross-border matters crop up frequently and ClauseBase’s (fabulous!) multilingual capabilities are a game-changer.

Does that help?

Great idea, it’s implemented. (Currently only on the Sandbox server — just refresh your page — the other servers will follow in the next days. But let me know if you need it on another server earlier.)

There are three requirements that need to be simultaneously met:

  • A question needs to have “Different answers per language” set. image

  • In the Q&A option, you need to enable “Show all answers in every language” (otherwise you only see a single language per time)

  • The customer account must have Deepl translations enabled. (Most are.)


Then you will automatically see a translation button at the far right, which you can click in order to have the non-completed languages translated.


Let me know what you think!

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Excellent, thanks Maarten! I’m working on the eu server, but no rush, I can wait till next week.

That is really helpful to the users.

The EU and LT servers are now also updated!

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Cool! Many thanks!

Hi Maarten - where do I find this setting to enable the answer translation?

In the Q&A option, you need to enable “Show all answers in every language” (otherwise you only see a single language per time)

In the Q&A options!


Oh, THOSE Q&A options lol. I don’t know how I missed that. Actually I think I do but let me think some more on that (UI question). Anyway, thanks for the fast answer to a silly question! :blush: