Triggering a change set

I am working on a Q&A for a document. The first clause in the document is a securities legend, the language of which changes slightly based on the type of security involved. That is already programmed into the clause.

The issue is, when I send this questionnaire to someone to use, I will already know what type of security will be involved. E.g., it is predetermined that I am sending a Q&A for a convertible note, or an LLC Agreement, or whatever. So I don’t want the user to have to answer a question about security type in order to get the correct language. I want to simply set this variable value in the Q&A somewhere, so that the correct legend language is used without asking the question. (Question would be hidden.)

It seems to me that I should be able to use a change set of type “change datafield,” but I cannot find a condition that says “always use” or something of that kind.

Another way to do it, theoretically, is to be able to trigger a change set based on the presence of a particular clause in the document. Here, I would say, set type equal to “convertible note” if the clause “convertible note lead-in” is enabled in the document.

Please advise, thanks.

Okay, I figured it out: if I simply make the change set unconditional, then it will always be applied. So that essentially answers my question.

Is there also the alternative way to handle it, based on the last ¶ of my question above (i.e., presence of a clause)?

Just so I understand correctly - should the Q&A you are building cater for all types of securities ‘built into’ the securities legend clause or is it a very specific document (e.g. a convertible note) that you are building a Q&A for, which just happens to use your (very versatile) securities legend clause?

I am asking this question because if you are using an unconditional “change datafield” change set to set the type of security - that change set is effectively always applied, so a user of the Q&A could no longer change it in any case.

Re your question on the presence of clauses triggering change sets directly: that is currently not possible.

The clause text itself could be changed on the basis of the presence of another clause in the document, however. This is done by assigning cross-tags to the clauses the presence of which should trigger such change, and then writing conditional text in the securities legend clause tied to those cross tags using the @implemented special function.

For example: you could assign a “convertible-note-lead-in” cross-tag to your convertible note lead-in clause. Then the securities legend clause could then contain conditional text that should only be present if the lead-in clause is present with the following grammar: {@implemented(§convertible-note-lead-in): some text}.

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Robbert, thanks. See inline

Perhaps two useful suggestions (combining your question here and my answere to another question:

  1. Through your admin account, you could assign different tags to different anonymous user accounts — e.g., one anonymous account for a convertible note and one for an LLC Agreement. You can then create a condition in the Q&A that refers to the presence of a certain user tag, to cause a certain card/question to (not) show.

  2. If you have two Q&As that are quite different, but nevertheless share several cards, then you can have one Q&A “share” another Q&As cards: see This allows you to have some flexibility, while still being able to manage the complexity.