Turn a number of a month in a word


I have this formula:
@day-of(#occupation^startingdate) / @month-of(#occupation^startingdate).

when the date is: 12/4/2020, the answer of this function would be: 12 / 4

Now, I would like to have this turn into 12th of april (or in dutch: 12 april).

How can I do that?

Hi Sarah,

Turning number (or value of a number-datafield) such as “14” into an ordinal word (“fourteenth”) can be done through the @ord special function.

Currently there is no special function to construct a date on the basis of numbers, but we will add a function @construct-date so that @construct-date(2020, 4, 12) will result in a true date (which you can then insert in the contract, or do further calculations with).

I will also a @month special function, so that @month(4) would result in “April” in English or “avril” in French, etc.

You can expect these special functions later this week.


In the meantime, this has been implemented. It will show up in the software tomorrow.

For consistency reasons, we have renamed the proposed @month to @fullmonth (similar to @fullnr and @fullcurrency).

Hei Maarten,

could you also make a similar function for giving the day of the week based upon an inserted date?

Hi Sarah,

That was indeed still missing!

I just implemented the function @weekday, that will return the day of the week for the specified date, in the current language. For example, today, in English, @weekday(@today) or @weekday(2021_1_6) would return “Monday” for today.

This new function will show up on the servers tomorrow.

perfect! I’ll implement it now!

or am I too fast? Still get an error that the function is not recognized and I relaunched the programm already

Hi Sarah, sorry — I have to restart the server for this, which is typically done during the late night hours!

of course!