Undefined datatfields in conditions and shorthand comparisons

Hi, I am somewhat confused about the true or false outcome of an undefined datafield text value in conditions and shorthand comparisons. In the Help section, it is first said that an undefined text value will give the result ‘false’.

"In other words, the comparison will be false if the left value:

** is undefined*
** is equal to false*
** is equal to empty text (“”)*
** is equal to a number or currency that is equal to zero*
** is an empty list"

Then, in the subsequent table, it is said that an undefined text value will be converted into a true result:


|text|empty text|” = undefined is true|"

If I use a shorthand comparison, will an undefined text value, return a true or a false result?

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That was indeed confusing. I have now corrected the example to the following (adding parentheses)


So to be clear: an empty text is treated as undefined. So if you were to write {("" = undefined): xxx} then xxx would effectively be shown, similar to how in {("" = false): yyy} the yyy would also be shown.

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