Unwanted indenting of non-numbered sub-clauses when adding documents to a binder

Hello everyone,

My styling question relates to sub-clauses.

I have some clauses with sub-paragraphs that are not numbered. When including both the first numbered paragraph and the second non-numbered one in a single library clause, the second paragraph is indented further.

I have managed to solve this by splitting the paragraphs into two clauses, only numbering the first. This works how I want it (Screenshot, left document).

However, when adding the same document to a Binder, the non-numbered sub-paragraphs are once again indented (Screenshot, right document).

I Styling settings of the binder and single document seem to be identical. I am not sure if this is an override of the binder styling somewhere or unintended behaviour.

Would appreciate any pointers on the topic.


The paragraph without a number is not a “heading”, so its styling-settings are a combination of the “Base” styling + “Bullet” styling.

The reason it is indented, is because of the 6,3mm Left indentation within the Bullets styling, see screenshot below.

To be transparent: you are not the first one who is probably confused by the “Bullets” caption, because you’re trying to change something for a paragraph that is not bulleted. The reason is that non-bulleted paragraphs take their styling from bulleted paragraphs, but don’t actually insert a bullet.

Ah, layout, it is a constant struggle, because of too many options that interfere with each other.

Dear Maarten,

thanks for explaining, it works. I’ll keep this in mind for the future, good to know!