Use § symbol without making a cross-reference

How do i use the symbol § without making it a cross-reference?

Hi Sarah,

Good question, because the § symbol is indeed a special symbol in the ClauseBase grammar, which is unfortunately also frequently used in legal texts.

The easiest solution is to insert {"§"} in your text, perhaps complemented by the article number(s) you are probably referring to — e.g. {"article §3.4.5"} .

Background information: inserting an accolade switches from the regular text context (words in Dutch, English, …) to the special codes context. Typically you enter a condition in between the accolades, followed by a colon and regular language —e.g. { #contract^value > 5: alpha} . However, you can also insert a calculation between the accolades — e.g. a calculation with numbers {5 + 4} or, in your case, some literal text {"§"} . Whatever comes out of that calculation will then be printed as regular text — in the previous examples 9 or the literal symbol § .