User alert for a completed Q&A

We have clients that use ClauseBase Q&As to generate commercial contracts. We have a managers and a few salespeople who use the Q&As.

The managers would like to receive notice when a salesperson downloads a completed contract from the Q&A. Is there a way to alert one specific user when another user downloads a .docx version of a contract?

I currently have a custom block question that Maarten developed for us to send an email when a newly created button is pressed. I could see slightly altering this block, so it sends an alert to the manager (which I believe I could do), but I was wondering if there was a more elegant solution.

Hi Elmer,

What you are describing here, is fairly high on our roadmap, as part of a new framework of “actions” (in casu sending an email) that you can assign to certain “events” that occur (in casu someone generating a document) within the Q&A.

This kind of framework will likely be introduced after our MS Word plugin is launched, later this year. So probably that framework is for Q1 2022.

Any possibility you can find a workaround until then?

Yes, I’ll just add a button for the user to press that says it will report the agreement to the manager. When they press the button it will send the manager an email notification. That is still better than our previous alert option, so they should be happy.

BTW - I am really excited to see the MS Word plugin, so I can share it with my team!