Using symbols that ClauseBase recognizes as a function

We recently received the following question from a user and wanted to share our answer with the rest of the ClauseBase Community:

I want to create a date “blank” as the resulting text of a conditional selection, in the form of “_______ , 20.” CB won’t seem to accept that syntax. I have to use “XXXXXX XX, 20XX” for the moment.

Any time you want to use a symbol as static text that ClauseBase already uses for its own special functions ("e.g.: §, _, *, etc.), you can simply write that symbol between curly brackets and quotation marks. In the example above, that would be:

{"_______ __, 20__"}

By the way, the reason that simply using the _________ does not work, is that an underscore has special meaning in ClauseBase. The underscore is used to:

  • write down numbers that will automatically adapt to the styling settings (e.g., writing 50 may get converted into “50 (fifty)”, depending on your central styling settings)
  • automatically switch the term that refers to a clause/article/section (e.g., “the preceding article” may get converted into “the preceding clause” or “the preceding section”, depending on your central styling settings).

By instead wrapping the _____ between curly braces and quotes, you avoid this kind of conversion, and force the system to treat the underscores literally.