UX issue with globo-panel – lack of search results focus

[I’m not sure if this is a bug or a missing feature, so I am putting this under “Feature Requests.”]

We were searching for a concept in the globo panel. Here’s what made the search significantly less useful/efficient:

  • If the search results set is null, then the window shows nothing, which is fine.
  • However, if there are search results to view, the search results window highlights the hits in yellow but does not allow the user to focus in on them and screen out the non-matching content. Instead, one has to scroll through the entire list of concepts to see the highlighted search terms, which is highly inefficient.

An improvement here would be very helpful to the usefulness of the globo panel.


I think there’s a misunderstanding.

The search result set is actually filtered on the text you entered in the search box. Accordingly, concepts that do not contain the search text anywhere (not in the concept name, or in any of the datafields) will be removed from the list.

As a next step, the software will show every remaining concept with all its datafields, and highlight the search text in the concept name and/or any datafield. In other words, if a concept did not get removed by the filter, it will be shown in its entirety, with all its datafields (whether or not a particular datafield contains the text you happened to search for — so probably only a few datafields will get yellow highlights).

Typically this is the behaviour you should be expecting. However, if you happen to find concepts with lots of datafields (all of which will be shown), then admittedly there will be some scrolling to do.

Does this make sense, or did I misunderstand your concern?