Verb conjugation - how to refer to correct concept/subject?

I have drafted the beginning of a clause as follows:

#Guarantor <guarantees: guarantor> as principal …

in order to have the verb follow the subject #guarantor. However, in the document itself, it appears as follows:

  1. The Guarantor guarantee

notwithstanding that the #guarantor concept is set to default ‘singular’. What am i missing?

In the same clause, the same, but worse, is happening with the following:

If #borrower <does: borrower> not …

which appears as:

If the Borrower doe not …

Thank you for any help!


Hi Mark,

You did nothing wrong in the grammar, but you happened to have qualified both “guarantee” and “does” as a noun (instead of a verb) in the panel below the text:


(For “guarantee” it is obvious why that word can be both a noun and a verb; for “doe” I was personally quite surprised that it can also be a noun; apparently a female deer).

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