What happend to scroll hunt?

Hi there,

a few months ago I set up Scroll Hunt with some sample documents. After checking ClauseBuddy today, I can no longer find the Scroll Hunt menu - only Truffle Hunt and Samples Hunt.

Has it been replaced with AutoSuggest? Can I still find my created Lockers?

Thanks for up clearing my confusion!


Hi Kai,

You caught us in speed, we’re still updating the documentation!

We actually integrated Scroll Hunt into Truffle Hunt — the old “Scroll Hunt” is now the “Documents” tab inside of th new Truffle Hunt.

The two modules are actually neatly integrated: you can jump from a clause to the initial document (by clicking on the name of the document in the colored bar of the clause), and vice versa (by clicking on the + icon next to a clause inside of a document).

Note: if you extracted clauses using Truffle Hunt in the past, then you may want to delete that “basket” and upload the original Word/PDF files again. Reason: we did not store the original document (only the extracted clauses), so that there is no document associated with thoses clauses in the new Truffle Hunt.

The other way around is no problem: all documents that were in Scroll Hunt, have been converted into documents in Truffle Hunt, with all their clauses automatically extracted.

On a side note, please also have a look at the new Samples Hunt (i.e., the thousands of high-quality US documents from the SEC library), as it uses the same “integration” between clauses and documents.

In the old Samples Hunt, you could only browse through the documents. In the new one, you can also browse through the clauses, and jump between clauses & documents.

This sounds fantastic, thanks! Will check it out.

Hey Maarten,

within the new Truffle Hunt, the “documents” shows a truffle basket I once created for testing, but not the Scroll Hunt Lockers I set up under the old Scroll Hunt>Settings>Manage Lockers…>”+”

So I could not find any of the Scroll Hunt documents.


I still have the documents - should I still wait before re-uploading them to a new Truffle Basket? If you are still in the process of changing things.

Having a look at the new Samples Hunt: I think the ability to include each clause “as is” is very powerful. Are there any plans to also have other, non US libraries in the future? A few comments on Samples Hunt:

  • I am slightly confused by the function of the ↔ Words slider. What does it do?


  • Adding a clause over the top-left “+” mostly messes up my document numbering styling (from what I gather, word numbering is generally a pain). I’ve had the best results by turning off the title, leaving numbering, and selecting no styling


This will insert the text within my existing numbering, but remove any text styles. Overall, I think this is a great improvement from the old Scroll Hunt.

Hi Kai,

  1. Apologies, those old “Scroll lockers” should been migrated as well. That’s fixed now.

  2. We’d love to add other public libraries, but there are very few of them. (In fact, I’ve always found the US system to be quite peculiar: the amount of semi-confidential information in those documents is truly astonishing.) So if you happen to know other public ones — I’m sure there are some jurisdictions that have them — let us know!

  3. The words slider is pretty cool actually. It allows you to filter clauses by the number of unique words in them. In other words: filter clauses by length, so you only get the very small ones, or instead only the very long ones, or something in between.

  4. Styling remains a problem everywhere (it’s not a truffle thing). Depending on your target document on the left side, it’s a bit of a hit & miss. You can’t believe how “messy” in terms of styling documents tend to be.

Tip: Clause9 documents should always work correctly.

Hi Kai,

All documentation is now available at Introduction - ClauseBuddy Help

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Wondeful, thankyou!