What is the correct syntax for a definition directing to a cross-tag?

I’ve started working on a definition for something that is defined in the body of the agreement and for the life of me (spent two hours just on this yesterday) I can’t understand how to draft a definition of a concept with a cross tag that would be dynamically directing to a section inside the body of the agreement such that the definition would read as “*** shall have the meaning set forth in section…”

Is there a way to do so?

For example, right now I have an agreement where the term is defined in the body what I have in the definition is:

this results in a definion that simply reads:
“Term” shall mean section 2

Where I would like it to read:
“Term” shall have the meaning set forth in section 2

Hi Gil,

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Have you read the following help page? How to: create a definition – Help

If I understand your situation correctly, you have a so-called “integrated definition”, i.e. where some clause in your body text contains the definition.

If this assumption is correct, then you should, within that clause, create a “definition for” link to a certain concept you previously defined. That definition will then automatically show up in the definition list.

Tip: Within the definition styling, you can also configure the “glue text” to use.


Thanks for your reply! I did read it but I am probably missing something …
Probably my syntax is wrong.

I am trying within a definition to refer to as section that has a cross tag:


This is how the definition looks:

What I get in the definitions list is:

This is how it looks on paper.


This is my styling for the definitions:



You are using a cross-tag within your definition. They are great as an easy way to refer to other parts of the document, but I would not use them for integrated definitions, because you then end up with an entry in your definition list that automatically starts with the prefix “… shall mean …”.

What you instead need to do here, is to insert that “definition for” outgoing link within your section 2. If the software detects that a certain clause/section contains such a “definition for” outgoing link for a concept, then it will automatically use the other style of prefix for the entry in the definition list ("… shall have the meaning set forth in …"), and insert a cross-reference to your section 2.

In other words, you don’t even need to create a definition in such circumstances; the software will simply use the special prefix wording and refer to the clause with the “definition for” outgoing link.

Understood - that does it!!! Thank you !!!