Why do predefine labels act differently for text vs. number datafields?

Hey everyone,

in my Q&A, I have created some predefines for various data types. I noticed that on a “text” type, I can create a blank predefine and label it “Unsure”. If the datafield is blank, I use this to trigger placeholder conditions.

Because my users do not always have complete information when filling out the Q&A, having an “[Placeholder]” option is desirable - and a good user experience.


In other cases, I use text-datafields with pre-set numbers and label them accordingly:

I specifically don’t use “number-type”, even if my preset is made up of numbers, because of how the predefine labels act, as shown below. However, I sometimes feel forced to use real number-datafields when I use the entry in special conditions, where “text-type” numbers do not work.

Q&A labels behave very differently for number-datafields. Instead of always showing predefines, I get a burger menu:


Whilst the burger menu displays the label names to the end user, clicking on one displays the hidden value instead. I think the text-type predefine labels create a much nicer user experience.

Why is this behavior different? Is it to allow users to modify the number-type entry after selecting the predefine?