Capitalizing inline custom conjugations for German language nouns

Hi everyone,

I started working with inline conjugations in German documents. I have a sentence with 3 possible versions, so this seem like the right use-case: singular male, singular female and plural.

Singular male:

Singular female:


Whilst the English translation hardly changes, the German nouns have different endings. I tried using the following inline conjugations:

<#Undersigned> (<| zusammen> nachfolgend <der “~Gesellschafter~” | die “~Gesellschafterin~” | die “~Gesellschafter~”)> <ist Alleingesellschafter | ist Alleingesellschafterin | sind sämtliche Gesellschafter> der

The text of the conjugations works as I want them to. However, I am encountering two issues:

  1. the Nouns (“Gesellschafter” and “Alleingesellschafter” need to be capitalized in German, and
  2. I want to apply bold styling.

If this is not possible with inline conjugations, what is the cleanest way to get to my desired result?

Should I create separate concepts for “Unterzeichnete”; “Gesellschafter” and “Alleingesellschafter”, give them concept labels, and then connect all of them via Change Sets in Q&A? This seems like a clumsy way to achieve the result.

Thanks for any ideas!