Changes to @if checking repeating list Datafields for any entries

Hello everyone,

I have a repeating-list datafield of the true/false type. If a user has not entered any information, I want to display a placeholder text. Up until last week, this used to work using @if(#party^is-existing-sharholder = “”) If the datafield had no entries, it would show a placeholder, else it would show the text.

Now, I am getting an error. This seems to be a new change in how @if works?

I have tried changing @if according to the Hint, but still cannot get it to display my placeholder on @EMPTY (I added the change in the selected clause in the screenshot, not the one with the error below):

Is there any documentation on how the new changes are supposed to work?

Thanks so much!


I’m not sure whether there was a change in how @if works, but there is another issue in your grammar at the moment that is correctly flagged by the error. Because your datafield is a repeating list, it cannot be compared to a single value, i.e. “”.

The error can be solved simply by removing the comparison and by switching the @FULL and @EMPTY blocks, i.e. the following should work:

@if(#party^is-existing-shareholder, @FULL, @EMPTY)

If there is anything in the repeating list datafield, it will evaluate to true and show @FULL. If not, it will evaluate to false and show @EMPTY.

Hey Robbert,

thanks for the quick info, switching the values worked!

I assumed it was a change in @if because my previous solution with “” worked until last week (but maybe that was just fixing unintended behavior). I also believe the Hint in the Tooltip is not something I have seen before.

Anyway, thanks!