Error sending ?PLACEHOLDER to an external snippet if text after the snippet contains brackets

Ref: #1023014

Hi everyone,

encountered a very weird behavior. I have an external snippet I send data to using the Placeholder ?PREFIX. This works fine, but sometimes I encounter an error:

It took some time to figure out but I think I know what is happening here now.

The error only appears if the text after the global snippet contains a “(” bracket. Writing"(TEST)" after the snippet creates the placeholder error:

Moving “(TEST)” before the snippet removes the error

Using the below example clause and external snippet should reproduce the error:

The price is based on a price per @#price-per-share-ONE(?PREFIX := “Share of”) (TEST)

?PREFIX #shares^new-preferred-series-price-single

I have been able to solve this for now by using @str(“(”) to write the bracket. This workaround should help anyone encountering this for now:


Hi Kai,

Thanks for the sharp observation & workaround.

The problem is caused by a complex interplay of parentheses, where the software is too eager too think that the second pair of parentheses is still part of the first par.

Another way to solve it (perhaps even easier), is by inserting a @void in between the two pairs of parentheses. This also breaks the chain

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