@footnote not appearing in ?CONTENT sent to external snippets

Clauses: #1019054; #1025976

Hi there,

I have replacing some of my “true/false” datafields with “text” types to allow for more options. Following @mtruyens comments a few weeks back, I decided to use ?CONTENT to send variable data to external snippets.

In this case, I have created #sha^has-pfic as a text type, allowing me to store the values “true”, “false” and “maybe” - these are the only allowed answers within the Q&A:

Here is my external snippet, allowing me to send content using ?TRUE and ?FALSE. I’m using @cycle to display either the true/false content or “true with a placeholder” - the last empty value is a safety that reverts back to @MAYBE:

Finally, here is the clause from the main body itself:

If #sha^has-pfic = “false”, it will show the value of ?FALSE, which is nothing - the clause is also Disabled using Enabled?.

On #sha^has-pfic = “true”, it will take the value of ?TRUE, which only sends the title, this works as intended:

However, on #sha^has-pfic = “maybe”, I get @placeholder(?TRUE), but my footnote is not shown.

The @if function seems to work, but @footnote never gets displayed in this situation:

My guess here is that footnotes and external snippets do not work well together. Is it not being sent?


For now, I have solved it this way (@#ooo is just @empty-list):

Still interested if footnotes are just in general not available for external snippets.