Issue in a very specific conjugation use case

I have the following clause:

The undersigned, constituting {#board^count = 1 : the sole @singular(#-board) | #board^count > 1 : all the @plural(#-board) } of #entity^name, @a-or-an(#entity^state) #entity^type (the "~#-entity~"), acting by written consent in lieu of a meeting in accordance with #board^consent-authority, hereby <adopts: #board> the following resolutions:

The conjugation of “adopts” is not working. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it is because my concept “#board” is not used in its “pure” form previously in the clause; it’s used as @singular(#-board) or @plural(#-board). Maybe this interferes with the conjugation programming?

I know that I can program the word with a more lengthy conditional phrase but is there any way I can still use conjugation in this situation? Is there any way one can specify a conjugation of a verb without the concept even appearing in the clause text?


Hi Kenneth,

At first sight, this seems to be a bug in the Focus panel. It seems to be working correctly outside the Focus panel.

I’ll look into it.

Let me know when this is solved – thanks.

It’s resolved now! (You may have to refresh your browser.)