@msword-fragment @SNIP = ?X not displaying repeating list entry

Reference Clause: #1027006

Hi there,

I am creating a repeating signature block using the following setup:

The signature block is a styled msword-fragment, #eip^partner is a repeating list of name. Here is my msword-fragment:

X? displays the name at the current index, but only in ROW =, not in NAME =

As such, I end up with this:

Is there a reason why ?X works within the @ROW Snippet of the @for function, but not within the @msword-fragment @NAME Snippet which is itself in the @ROW Snippet?


Hi Kai,

I’m afraid you’re pushing things one level too far with the @msword-fragment. I completely understand why that special functon is extremely attractive, but from MS Word’s perspective it is a very dirty way to deal with text fragments.

Under the hood, what happens is that it keeps track of MS Word files that must be appended. Then, at the very end of the text generatoi nprocess, it copy/pastes those documents into specific places of the original document. Next, it has to deal with the cleanup of conflicting styles, different layouts, different headers/footers, and so on. MS Word documents were clearly never designed to deal with such situations, let alone mange them in a for-loop.

You should therefore treat the @msword-fragment is an “escape hatch” for some situations, but you should use it as a last resort, and accept the fact that it does not behave in the clean way that most other features of Clause9 work.

Could I ask what’s the reason for not using a regular table here? Except for the upper & bottom line, it seems to be quite doable, no?

Hey Maarten,

thanks for the explanation - always fascinating to hear how things work under the hood.

I have indeed now switched to a regular table. The reason I used @msword-fragments first was to test the limits on a very small trial case. Just wanted to see if this works or not - as such, your explanation here has been very helpful!

Thanks again