Should "Cell width" Styling apply to Definitions Tables?

Hello everyone,

I have found that some settings for table styles found in Styling>Base apply to the Definitions table. For example, setting “Borders around” or “Inside” will toggle these Borders for the Definitions table.

However, the “Cell width” setting does not seem to do anything to the Definitions table. I would like to change the width of my Definitions table columns - is there any way to do this?


It’s best to refrain from altering the Base styling for these purposes, because of its wide scope & repercussions.

The good news is that you can select the definition list and then go to Advanced and click on “Custom styling for definition list”

Then you can set any value you desire. For example,

will result in an equally ugly Word-file :slight_smile:

Dear Maarten,

thanks so much!

I keep forgetting that the “Misc.” and “Advanced” tabs change based on the currently selected clause, because all the other tabs in the top row affect the entire document. I think of it has “top row = document” and “Edit>second row = clause”.

Ill try to keep this more in mind, thanks!