Simulate Q&A: Setting to enable "only show questions..." does not work in Design Q&A Mode

Hi there,

I realized that the Q&A Miscellaneous toggle “Questions to show” only affects end-users.

For users filling out a normal Q&A, the Setting works as intended. However, when “Simulating” the Q&A via “Design Q&A”, changing this Setting does nothing.

Not sure if this is an oversight or intentional. I know the “Simulated” Q&A has a different Menu than the “Real” Q&A, so I could imagine that the Setting is only for the latter.


Yes, true. It was a conscious design choice to always show all questions in the “Simulate” mode of Design Q&A by default.

It is in any case still possible for a template author to trigger the “Only show questions that change the text selection” by selecting it here:


Hi Robbert,

thanks for clearing up my confusion. I always turn the “only show questions that change text selection…” setting off in simulate manually, was hoping for a way to change the default.

The reason I turn it off is that “only show questions…” does not work correctly for me. For example, clicking on this “text” in my overview page does not show all questions that affect it. Is this a bug?

The example text above contains four different external snippets which pull data from repeating lists. I am unsure if the issue is with repeating-list datafields, or datafields in external snippets, or both.

Because I work a lot with repeating lists and external snippets, the default setting of “only show questions…” in simulate mode is actually the opposite of what I work with.