@str(@placeholder) displays *** instead of [ ]

Example: #1013155

Hello everyone,

I have my @placeholder brackets set to [ ] - I ran into unexpected formatting using the following special function:

@str(@if(#party^name, #party^name, @placeholder(“●”)),“'s”)

When a party^name is entered, I want to display it. If it is left blank, I want the “●” placeholder. I am using @str to remove the apostrophe spacing - without @str, @if(#party^name, #party^name, @placeholder(“●”))'s would result in “John 's”, instead of “John’s”.

This works as expected for a datafield entry. However, using @str(@placeholder(“●”)),“'s”) , instead of

[●]'s, I get the following:


I have worked around it for now, but wanted to document the error.